Villa The Impossible Beach House

If your idea of a holiday is to escape a far away from everyday reality as possible – this villa is paradise.

Waves literally crashing at your doorstep, the most spectacular sunsets, and stunning pink sunrises, all to yourself.

The relaxed feeling of camping under the stars, technology-free, just time for lazing, swimming, reading, and chatting, but in with a large comfortable bedroom to snuggle into at night.

This villa can sleep up to 6 people.

A little basic and remote as described (so make sure this is what you are after), however, was pleased to find hot water is now connected, airconditioning in 4 of the 6 rooms (not that it’s needed with the gorgeous sea breezes) and yoga mats in all cupboards are a nice touch.

The villa staff are with you in the villa until 8 pm each night (replaced with security later on) and are so happy to help with anything – amazing cooks, huge meals and so cheap!

Bintang, Smirnoff Ice, and large bottled water are also available in plentiful supply inside the villa.

Luggage porter service is provided by the Villa staff’s local family, and these are the same ladies who provide the in-villa massages. For those not used to Bali, be relaxed. They will haggle with you on price, which can be tough if you arent used to this, and try to get more out of you but as long you make your price clear you will be fine (the way they carry that luggage up and down those stairs is amazing! Money well earned if you ask me!). Get to know them, they are all so lovely and enhanced our stay so much laughing and joking with them all.

The booking process thru Ministry was seamless and easy.

An amazing escape from reality. True paradise. I would just say make sure it’s the kind of holiday you are all after (I booked this for a group, and whilst it suited most, I may not have been everyone’s ideal location/style).