Villa Umah Shanti

The word ‘Shanti’ means peace and tranquility and this is what you will feel when you are at Villa Umah Shanti Ubud.

This private villa in Ubud has a homey feeling and merges with the surrounding nature. It is arranged with gardens, various shady trees, and walkways leading to each room built on slightly sloping land. Go deeper into the villa Umah Shanti area itself, you will find that each room has its color and appeal. Each room is a fusion of Indonesian touches with various tribes, cultures, arts, and customs. The rooms are simple in design but still comfortable, luxurious, and classy. The room is equipped with a TV and also an international channel; there is also a spacious wardrobe that is directly connected to a bathroom equipped with both a shower and a bathtub.

If the pool is what you like, the pool at Umah Shanti has a view of the valley which is very green and wide. This infinity pool has very clear and refreshing water for swimming and relaxing here when the tropical air gets more intense. The garden is another thing that plays a very important role to beautify the scenery around the villa. The garden which is designed on a sloping land contour is planted with a variety of flower trees and tropical fruit, even in the large villa parking area the owner of the villa still keeps a very large durian tree as a shade in a vast expanse of green grass adorn this parking area.

The concept of home is not only felt by the facilities and the environment, but also by the services we provide. When you stay at Umah Shanti, the staff will always be ready to take care of you and prepare whatever your request is. A butler will also always be your vacation advisor when you are in this villa. All your stay will be discussed and arranged by the butler, if you feel you don’t know, just ask the butler directly. Likewise, when you want to give an opinion, suggestion, or consideration of anything that happens during your stay here, you can immediately convey it to the butler so that everything can be arranged and resolved for safety and comfort during your stay here.

Besides, some activities can also be arranged during your stay here e.g. trekking, biking, and painting class, cooking class, and many more. All the things you do are just asking the butler to arrange.


  • Location: Gang Mawar, Jl. Rsi Markandya 2, Br. Sebali, Keliki, Tegallalang (North Ubud)
  • Capacity: Accommodating up 6 people comfortably
  • Villa Areas: There are 1 living area, 1 dining area and 1 pool. There are 3 bedrooms, parking area, and wide lawn area /garden
  • Pool: There is one big pool.
  • Staff: Villa Manager, Cook, Housekeeper, Gardener, Security.
  • Dining: Indonesian & Western meals, further discussion and advance order would be very much appreciated.
  • Communication: Wi-Fi connection in all areas provides you the unlimited internet access.
  • Entertainment: TV with international channels.
  • Spaces: The Villa has plenty of garden spaces for families, BBQ, etc.
  • Spa: We will arrange the therapist to come to the villa.
  • Tour: Tour can be arranged with additional cost.
  • Events and Weddings: Only internal events (in-house guests) can be arranged.
  • Property Area: 3.120 sqm
  • Villa Facilities: The villa provides you with TV, BBQ, AC in all rooms, oven, and well equipped kitchen.