Villa Kembang Bali

Stay with your Family at Villa Kembang Bali, a private villa in Ubud with 7 lavish bedrooms overlooking the beautiful mountain and vast valley views.

This villa was built in a blend of traditional Balinese and modern styles. The roof of the villa is intentionally made using reeds/Alang-Alang while the decoration and architecture of the interior itself are loaded with luxurious and classy modern stuff. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, this villa also provides very personalized service to the in-house guests when they spend their holidays in Ubud, Bali. Upon guests check-in, there will be one manager who will later act as the butler, responsible for accompanying and assisting guests when they have questions or requests at the Villa. Our prime priority is the guests who stay at the Villa during their holidays and therefore we will do our best for their stay when at the Villa.

In addition to facilities, staff, and services, guests staying at Villa Kembang Bali are also presented with a choice of activities they can do while staying at the Villa e.g. rice paddy trekking, cycling, cooking class, yoga, offering class, etc. You only need to ask and discuss directly with the villa manager or butler about the choice of activities you want to do when you are in Ubud. When you are sure of your planning, then your manager or butler will immediately take care of and arrange everything according to your request.

Villa Kembang Bali is not merely a place to stay but a place where you can feel the real local essence, starting from various activities around the villa or local village, staff who are locals with a touch of friendly and unpretentious local services, and a rural atmosphere that is still very beautiful and natural. We are sure that you will not only come to Ubud to stay overnight, because the true purpose of a tour is to get to know new places with new people and be able to establish harmonious communication and relationships with nature and also the locals, and Villa Kembang Bali is the place to do so because we provide not just a place to stay but an accommodation unit with all activities or services that can be arranged and adjusted just for you, there are no other guests just you at this beautiful Villa Kembang Bali Ubud, a private villa accommodation in Ubud with the touch of nature and locals.


  • Location: Br. Ayah, Kelusa, Payangan (North Ubud).
  • Capacity: Accommodating up 14 people comfortably.
  • Villa Areas: There are 1 living area, 2 dining areas and 2 pools. There are 7 bedrooms, parking area, and wide lawn area/garden.
  • Pool: There is one big pool and one small plunge pool.
  • Staff: Villa Manager, Cook, Housekeeper, Gardener, Security.
  • Dining: Indonesian & Western meals, further discussion and advance order would be very much appreciated.
  • Communication: Wi-Fi connection in all areas provides you the unlimited internet access.
  • Entertainment: TV with international channels.
  • Spaces: The Villa has plenty of garden spaces for families, BBQ, etc.
  • Spa: We will arrange the therapist to come to the villa.
  • Tour: Tour can be arranged with additional cost.
  • Events and Weddings: Events and weddings are possible to arrange up to 100 guests standing party.
  • Property Area: 3.300 sqm.
  • Villa Facilities: The villa provides you with TV, BBQ, AC in all rooms, oven, and huge fully equipped kitchen area.