Villa Merbau Senggigi

Senggigi has a lot of charms for you to discover. Among all charms here, one of the most stunning is Merbau Luxurious Villa Senggigi by The Lavana.

This homey villa features 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Villa Merbau Senggigi has enough space for 10 guests, you can invite a whole family or group of friends to enjoy your stay in Senggigi. With nearby tourist destinations, such as Kerandangan Beach, National Park Kerandangan, Swallow Cave Waterfall, and Batu Layar Tomb, you will find exciting experiences in Merbau Luxurious Villa Senggigi by The Lavana.

The Space

As the name suggests, this 2-storey villa offers you a luxurious ambiance from the architecture to the furniture, and will always spoil your eyes every time you get here. The villa’s main gate is our favorite spot, as the lobby is similar to a luxurious hotel. Another favorite spot is the large swimming pool! You can soak yourself while adoring the giant carving on the wall. Not only that, the living room on the first floor has a luxurious ambiance and will make you feel comfortable with the spaces and the soft-large sofas. Moving to the side, discover the dining room, the kitchen, and the mini bar, with complete facilities: a table, chairs, buffet set, a refrigerator, water dispenser, microwave, and other kitchen appliances you can use freely. The view of the swimming pool from this space will encourage you to jump right away into the pool.

On the second floor, you will also find another living room for your other activities with a similar luxurious ambiance, along with a set of dining table, chairs, a kitchen, and a minibar. You can choose whether to cook and enjoy your meal on the first floor or the second floor. Shall you be curious about the bedroom, this villa offers you a clean-white nuances bedroom. You will find a bed, wardrobe, and AC in each of the bedrooms, but you will only find a balcony, en suite bathroom, and walk-in closet in several bedrooms. In that en-suite or shared bathroom, the shower, the towels, the toiletries, and others await to give you the best experience of having a refreshing time here.