Hidden Villa Lombok

The Lavana Hidden Villa Lombok provides a hidden gem in Mataram. The villa’s aesthetic architecture will spoil your eyes as you step your feet inside the villa.

This 1-bedroom villa has many spots in the corner that will fit your instagrammable feeds. Also featured with 1 natural-vibes bathroom, you will get an unforgettable stay in this villa. Enjoy staying in this villa with nearby tourist destinations from here, such as Kota Tua Ampenan, Ampenan beach, Meninting beach, and Museum Negeri Nusa Tenggara Barat.

The Space

This villa has a minimalist-aesthetic ambiance, with the domination the touch of white on the walls and natural andesite stone. The outdoors offers a comfortable spot, as you can find a swimming pool, mini bar, and chilling spot to enjoy the calm ambiance in the sitting area.

The Bedroom

Moving to the bedroom, it has a large glass window and door, letting you see through the outdoor space from your bed. The large bed is completed by a dressing table, aesthetic mirror, AC, and decorations that match the villa vibes. The bedroom’s high roof makes this room feel spacious enough for you. You will also find internet access in the whole room in this villa. Featured with an en-suite bathroom with natural stone on the walls and floors, you will definitely feel like you are showering in the open nature. It also comes with a large circular mirror and an aesthetic bathtub. All those decorations and furniture chosen to complete this villa will complete your #ootd photos during your holiday and make people wonder where you are staying.