Villa Saba Beach Front 5

Wake up to the sound of the gentle waves and taste the salty winds on your tongue—you’re this close to the fascinating oceans

Five Bedrooms Beachfront

Previously known as Villa Biara, Kutus Kutus Saba Beach Villa provides you with unobstructed access to the beach, providing your stay with some of the most luxurious experiences you can have on the island.


Bask in the laid-back life of the island life, complete with the looming palm trees and an endless view of the horizons. With unobstructed access to the beach, Kutus Kutus Beachfront Villa offers you the finest taste of what it means to bask in luxury.


Have a taste of Indonesian hospitality, presented with warm smiles and exemplary service. Trained staff are always at the ready to assist you during work hours. Daily housekeeping is all taken care of. We also provide airport pick up and drop-off for our guests.