Why Choose a Bali Villa

Bali is a gorgeous place to take a vacation, and even if you’ve visited before, you’ll probably struggle to book accommodation because there are just so many great options. Do you go to a hostel, homestay, or luxury hotel? We’re here to tell you about another great alternative that not a lot of people think of – villas.

Villas often come off as fancy and extravagant, and people usually don’t bother to look them up, believing that it will take up most of their travel budget. However, villas in Bali are cheaper than you’d think, and even come with amenities that you wouldn’t have at a hotel.

Bali Villas Holiday Vacation Rentals in Seminyak are renowned for being one of the most popular villa rental companies on the island. They’re great value for money – read on to understand why we think a villa is a right choice for you during your next Bali getaway.

Value for Money

Small villas and huge villas alike are lavish, and a glance at the exterior will already have you sighing and wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford such a luxury. Little do you know, villas are actually significantly less expensive if you travel with a group and divide the price. Villas provide areas like a living room, kitchenette, and a private pool. You can even take a bath outdoors and watch the sunset in your private villa garden. Would you be able to experience that in a hotel?


Bali villas are spacious, and you can enjoy a soak in the private pool with a mug of tea you’ve just whipped up in the kitchenette. You won’t be limited to a room – the whole space is yours!

Bali Villas Holiday Vacation Rentals offer quite a few options when it comes to villas, with over 700 Bali villas currently listed on the site. You could opt for a private pool villa or a 2 or 3 bedroom villa where children are welcome. We have every villa you can imagine, up to a fifteen bedroom Seminyak villa. We even have babysitting services that you can take advantage of to enjoy some private time with your partner. Go ahead and enjoy drinks and conversation late into the night without worrying about disturbing the neighbours!

There are also one-bedroom villas that are lovely for couples. You’ve got privacy, and our employees will not bother you without your request.

Bespoke Services

Many villas offer quite a few services that you can take advantage of. If your holiday goal is to exert the least amount of energy possible, we have chauffeurs, masseuses, chefs, butlers and many other staff members who are happy to make your vacation a delight; and a Guest Relations team who are dedicated to making sure you have a dream holiday in Bali.


If you’d like to have friends over for brunch or a late-night pool party, villas are an ideal choice. A hotel would charge extra for people, space, and food. In a private villa, however, the space is already yours – all you have to do is get some help from the staff, get some food set up, and you’re set!