The Best Luxury Villas In Seminyak

Those considering Bali for their holidays may consider the city of Kuta as it’s the closest to the airport. However, more and more people are finding a lot of benefits in using villas in Seminyak when exploring what Bali has to offer. Staying in Seminyak not only allows tourists to avoid the hustle and bustle of Kuta but can offer some enriching experiences that are perfect for those with all sorts of interests, as well as those just looking for some respite in paradise.

The following is an overview of some of the best high-end villas in Seminyak that offer a holiday experience unlike any other.

Atas Ombak

Regardless of whether you’re looking to book the perfect wedding or simply want to ensure that the next holiday you embark on is one that will be remembered for some time, the Atas Ombak villa offers everything you need in abundance and more.

One of the reasons why the Atas Ombak villa is so popular can be due to a luxury beach being in proximity, although this isn’t the only thing that makes the Atas Ombak so alluring.

This five-bedroom luxury villa also boasts a 14 x 7 -metre pool, meal preparation by a gourmet chef and candlelit gardens that all contribute to an immersive experience that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Villa Azaya

If you’re looking for a villa that offers as much privacy as it does premium features, then the Villa Azaya is for out.

This luxury five-bedroomed villa covers an astonishing 2100 sq. m2 and has a series of features that remind you why you wanted to take advantage of a premium villa in Seminyak in the first place.

Regardless of whether it’s the large open-sized gazebo or the premium Bose speakers that ensure any music streamed from a device is heard in the best quality possible, you can be confident that your stay at the Villa Azaya offers everything you’re looking for and more.

Villa Anam

Flexibility can make all the difference when searching for villas, and the Villa Anam has a series of options for those focused on choice when searching for premium holiday villas in Seminyak.

This astonishing and spacious villa is a combination of two villas, which can offer an amazing 10 bedrooms, making it the perfect premium retreat for the family,

All the home comforts are to hand, including 3D cinema and DVD players, as well as some additional features that make a villa in Seminyak the perfect getaway, including access to butlers and chefs, as well as a professional gym.

There’s even a beach within walking distance, making the Villa Anam perfect for families that want to relax and unwind, while still be able to maintain their daily routine in luxury.

The Cotton House

Inspire by the mesmerising houses of the Caribbean, the Cotton House is the perfect combination of entertainment and relaxation thanks to the four pavilions, the first if which is a two-bedroom villa that is self-contained and comes with its own tropical garden.

Those keen to ensure that their family ensure to enjoy the Cotton House can take advantage of pavilion two which offers an abundance of accommodation offers, while the third pavilion is home to an entertainment area.

The Cotton House can accommodate up to 16 guests and comes with 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, which all contain plenty of towels.

Nyaman Ten Bedroom Villa

When looking for villas in Seminyak, some people can struggle to find the perfect balance of size and locality. Fortunately, there are solutions available, and the Nyaman 10-bedroom villa in Seminyak is the perfect example of this.

The Nyaman Villa is made of up of three interconnected complexes, meaning that friends and family never have to feel cramped when exploring what Seminyak has to offer.

Despite the aesthetic appeal of the building, the locale of the Nyaman Villa ensures that all local beaches, Eat Street and the Ku De Ta are all within walking distance, giving those looking for villas in Seminyak plenty of choice.

As well as offering a design but famed architect Stephan Remini, the facility also offers a private swimming pool and dedicated staff that can help with the booking of excursions and tours.

Villa Lilibel

In the past, those searching for accommodations for families may have found that the accommodation was small or restricted, but this isn’t the case with Villa Lilibel.

Not only is there plenty of space available for up to six people, but there are also additional facilities to ensure the younger members of the family can enjoy Seminyak, including cots, highchairs and pool safety fences.

This along with a dedicated var area and gym ensures that the Villa Lilibel has everything people are looking for when searching for holidays in Seminyak.

Villa Kinaree

One of the most important aspects of a villa is that it’s the right location for families considering holidays in Seminyak.

The Villa Kinaree is a mere five minutes way from Ku De Ta, as well as plenty of retail outlets for those keen to do some shopping.

Those looking to enjoy the villa can enjoy a premium home entertainment centre, a billiards table, luxurious sofas and a 12-seater dining table. There’s also a guest relations manager close to hand who can help arrange other excursions such as massages and tours.

Massilia VII

Those looking for the perfect balance of luxury and security when searching for holidays in Seminyak will find everything they’re looking for with the Massila VII 10-bedroom villa.

The spacious villa can accommodate up to 20 adults and 6 children and comes with full-time security to ensure that those staying at the Massilia VII always have peace of mind.

There also plenty of entertainment options, including a flat-screen television with satellite channels, as well as a professional kitchen service.

Tiga Puluh Villa

Although there is plenty to do in Seminyak, there will be times when families want to retreat to a quiet haven, and the Tiga Puluh is the perfect solution for those searching for villas in Seminyak.

The Tiga Puluh offers enough space for 14 guests, and despite being in a quiet residential locale, is still within distances of the many shops and beaches people enjoy when staying in Seminyak.

Not only will guests have access to the latest technology, such as Wi0Fi, televisions and DVDs, but there is also a selection of board games and books that ensures every interest is catered to.

The Tiga Puluh is situated further away than other villas in Seminyak, but the peace of tranquillity it offers means this is preferable towards those with a focus on relaxation.

Windu Asri Villa

When looking for holidays in Seminyak some will want to find a location that’s not only close to the beach and local attractions but is also able to offer experiences that are off the beaten track.

The design of the Windu Asri Villa is inspired by heritage hotels in Asia, but there doesn’t mean that the villa lacks modern convenience.

Not only is the villa fully air-conditioned, but also offers a media room as well as a modern kitchen. There’s even a chef that can create some of the best meals in Seminyak, allowing you to sit back and really embrace the culture.

Villa Tjitrap

The Villa Tjitrap is another vision brought to life by an architect, in this instance, the famous Ross Franklin was at the helm. The result is a modern complex that draws inspiration from Asian design, include the Black and White House in Singapore.

The Villa Tjitrap offers enough space for 14 guests and offers those that stay beautiful gardens, coconut trees in conjunction with all the mod cons you need and a guest relation manager.

Villa Samuan

Those looking for a villa that puts them in the heart of Seminyak culture need look no further than the Villa Samuan.

Located in the centre of Seminyak, there Villa Samuan is nearby local restaurants and boutiques, and is the perfect villa for those looking for the perfect mix of local culture and relaxation.

The Villa Samuan can easily accommodation ten guests and offers five master suites in conjunction with two swimming pools and a team of staff that will ensure that your stay in Seminyak is remembered for the right reasons.

Villa Nyoman

Those searching for accommodation in Seminyak that’s luxurious and spacious will find that the Villa Nyoman can offer all they’re looking for and more.

Each spacious room in the Villa Nyoman has air conditioning and flat-screen television, as well as rain showers and lazy pool bean bags ensuing that relaxation is around every corner.

Those that do want to venture into Seminyak will find that beaches and souvenir shops are only ten minutes away, as are a series of restaurants and nightclubs.

Villa Casa Hannah

Although some will be searching for accommodation in Seminyak for relaxation, others may want to use the spaces for celebrations in Seminyak, and the Villa Casa Hannah is the perfect villa in regard.

The Villa Casa Hannah comes with a large garden that can accommodate up to 40 people. Regardless of whether you’re celebrating a birthday or the union of a couple, there is plenty of space available.

There’s even a dedicated cinema room for unwinding following the celebrations as well as easy access to local restaurants and beaches.

Villa Shambala

The Villa Shambala is one of the most desirable villas in Seminyak, and it’s not hard to see why. As well as being part of the hidden paradise that is the ‘Golden Triangle,’ the villa is the perfect location for those want to explore Jalan Kayu Aya.

The villa is just 500 metres away from the beach and comes with a guest relation manager that can help you and your family explore Seminyak with ease, be it spa treatments or car hire.

Villa Cendrawasih

Those that like to embrace the ocean air will simply adore the Villa Cendrawasih. Not only is there a large living and dining room that can be open to pool or closed, but also a large rooftop terrace complete with daybeds and beanbags.

Those looking to take advantage of the large swimming pool can also enjoy a sun deck and loungers. The Villa Cendrawasih is situated nearby local restaurants and boutiques allowing those staying in Seminyak to get a real feel for the culture.

Despite there being plenty to do within talking distance, those looking to travel further afield can also benefit from the charted driver who can offer trips around the island.

Villa Abakoi

If peace and tranquillity are what you’re looking for in a villa in Seminyak, then the high-end Villa Abakoi could be the villa for you.

As well as being able to enjoy a large swimming pool, there is also a gazebo and sundeck area to ensure relaxation is never difficult.

The villa is fully air-conditioned and comes come with ceiling fans, and there are plenty of mod cons available in the form of large-screen TVs, Wi-Fi and DVD players.

Those staying at the Villa Abakoi can also make use of a fantastic on-call service that includes a babysitter, toga teacher, river and chef.

Villa Asta

Are you looking for a villa that caters to your love of sport while being able to offer enough space for a celebration? Then look no further than the Villa Asta.

The spacious gardens of the Villa Asta ensure that any celebration can be carried out in style, while those with a passion for sports can take advantage of pool tables, table tennis, volleyball and badminton.

Up to ten guests can be accommodated using five large bedrooms, and there are five bathrooms to ensure freshening up is never a hindrance.

The Villa Asta also ensures that those children have access to everything they need, including highchairs, cots and a playpen.

Villa Kalimaya

Privacy can be one of the most important aspects when booking a villa in Seminyak, and that’s something in abundance at the Villa Kalimaya, thanks to three individual pavilions.

As well as being a spacious villa that’s perfect families, it’s also the perfect location for those look to hold celebrations, as events for up to 75 people can be held at the villa.

In addition to these facilities, there is an air-conditioned lounge area that can be blacked out to offer a fully bespoke entertainment experience.

Villa Kinara

Sometimes, it’s the small additions that make all the difference to those searching for villas in Seminyak. As well as offering similar facilities to that of other villas, such as a large area that can be used for events and a luxurious swimming pool, there is also a master suite complete with a Jacuzzi.

Other small additions that make the Villa Kinara a worthwhile consideration is the inclusion of a cocktail bar and a 50” television with surround-sound speakers.

All the villas listed offer premium facilities and staff in every instance, but offer enough variation that those looking for holidays in Seminyak can make the perfect booking in every instance, regardless of whether they’re searching for a small family getaway or a large celebration such as a wedding or birthday.