Places to visit aside from Bali

There are few other neighbouring beautiful cities near Bali that are eye-catching sights for visitors and must-see for those visiting Bali.

Places to visit aside from Bali

There are few other neighbouring beautiful cities near Bali that are eye-catching sights for visitors such as Komodo and Bogor that provide a hiking experience to visitors. There are a lot of cities for tourists, therefore, you can spend your whole vacation. The people of all these cities are very friendly and hospitable. You will never feel like you are away from your home. They will help you in all possible ways therefore it is your responsibility to respect their culture, values, and norm. It is recommended to get some information about the cultural values of people in these cities.


The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. It is the administrative city of the country that controls all its economic and trade activities. It is the most populated city in the country. Diversity is an important aspect of the city because when you will visit it, you come across different traditional people of the country. The city is built on a modern scale. Semanggi Clover Bridge in the city is the representation of modernization.

The city has many modern shopping malls. The most famous shopping mall in the city is Grand Indonesia. It consists of the largest mosques in the world. The Istiqlal Mosque is the true depiction of modern architecture. There are other historical places in the city; one of the most historical places is the Jakarta oldtown. It has been the headquarters of the famous Dutch East India Company. The other famous places are the national monument and Waterbom Jakarta.

How To Get to Jakarta

  • When you’re travelling by air, Jakarta has two international airports, one is the larger Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, located in Tangerang, now in the neighboring province of Banten. The other is the smaller Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, which is reserved for limited domestic flights.
  • When you’re travelling by land, Jakarta is connected by land to major cities in Java, public transport to get to Jakarta is available by bus and train.People who visit Jakarta, usually take time to stop by the neighboring Bogor, famous for it’s Botanical Garden and highlands getaway in the Puncak area.Or if you prefer the coastal area, head to Banten and spend a holiday at Anyer and Carita Beach.
  • When you’re travelling by sea, Tanjung Priok is the name of Jakarta’s seaport, located in North Jakarta. It is the busiest seaport in Indonesia. A delightful choice for the one who wants to splurge aboard a luxurious cruise ship.
  • Getting around Jakarta is by rented a car, taxi or a package tour. Be prepare for a heavyv traffic specially when travelling peak hours. It is advisable therefore to choose a hotel near the location where you will have your meeting or business appointments or to the attraction or destination you wish to visit. Distances between points of interest in Jakarta can sometimes be far and might be interspersed with traffic.


Bandung is maybe the most beautiful city in Indonesia. The popularity of the city is associated with the tea plantations and their art of disco structural design and construction. There are a lot of beautiful resorts. The famous resort of the city is Dulang resort. The city provides the best experience of the waterfall. This city is also famous for its volcanic eruption therefore this place is a real sensation for geologists. They come here from all over the world to study the volcanic mountains of this city. The city is safe and you can visit there with your family.


How to get to Bandung

  • Husein Sastranegara International Airport in Bandung is connected to major Indonesian and a number of neighboring countries. On domestic flights, Bandung is served by direct flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandar Lampung, Bali, Surakarta, Pekanbaru, Banjarmasin, Kualanamu (North Sumatra), Palembang, Pontianak, Yogyakarta, Balikpapan, Batam, Makassar, and Pangkal Pinang.
  • For your accommodation in Bandung, ranging from Airbnb to luxurious hotels, do check with Online Travel Agents.


It is an amazing place especially for those visitors who want to observe and experience the traditional ways of Indonesian people. A lot of famous places provide the best experience of travelling and enjoying the vacations. The city is the true manifestation of the old traditions, people were old fashioned and live their life in the traditional and primitive way. It would be a great experiment to visit such a traditional and primitive place in Indonesia.

How to Get to Depok

  • When you’re travelling by air, the closest airport is Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta, which is around 30 miles to the north. From there, take the DAMRI bus to Pasar Minggu (Rp20,000) then take the Debora bus to Depok. Taxis cost around Rp120,000.
  • Trains run every hour from Jakarta to Depok; the trip takes between 30-120 minutes and costs around Rp17,000.
  • From Jakarta, take the Jalan Lenteng Agung straight into Depok.
  • Debora buses run from Jakarta into central Depok.


Manado is also one of the beautiful cities of Indonesia situated in the bay of Manado. The peculiar characteristic of the Manado is tasty traditional food. The characteristics and taste of the foods related to Philippines cuisines. The tourists must taste the traditional food for a better experience. There are several hotels for fast food but don’t forget to try out street food, but always stay vigilant about the health of your digestive system because a disturbed stomach can ruin your entire trip.

Howto get to Manado

  • So to arrive in Manado, the best way is to get a plane from Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bali. On most of the flights there is a stop over in Makassar airport.
  • Most of the resorts will arrange a private boat or charter boat for your transfer. If not, you can take the public ferry leaving daily (except Sunday) at 2 PM. It will cost you around Rp 25000 for a foreigner and Rp 10000 for a local. You can also charter your own boat but be prepared to bargain hard!


It is a historical area with museums, historical buildings, and monuments. The old cities of the world provide historical experiences. One of the oldest cities in Indonesia is the Semarang. The city consists of temples that are monuments of eighteen centuries. It also has lots of modern buildings and the influence of technological advancement is clearly evident in this city. So, the skyline of this city is a blend of old and modern architecture. But, to experience the beauty of any place you must have an eye for it.

Howto get to Semarang

  • Achmad Yani International Airport (SRG) lays about five-and-a-half kilometres west of the city centre. The arrivals area has an ATM and a couple of snack shops, and the departure lounge is better serviced with cafes, restaurants, bookshops and a minimarket. A taxi to the city is via a voucher system and costs 50,000 rupiah.


It is a fact that Indonesia is the country of islands; one of the most beautiful islands of the country is Lombok. It is a famous place for local and foreign visitors. The island is laden with natural beauty and natural waterfalls. The whole area of the island is covered with forests and beautiful suburbs.

There are tall trees that increase the beauty of the island. Sasak is the famous village of Lombok Island in the country. You will not want to miss out on the beauty of that village during your visit to Lombok. The path to Sasak is not very challenging. Local guides will take you there and you can even go there on your own.


How to get to Lombok

  • Lombok travellers hail from Bali, which welcomes more international flights than virtually anywhere else in the country. From there, you can either board a connecting flight to Lombok International Airport (starting from $25 USD in low season) or head to Padangbai port for a cheaper public ferry (less than $4 USD per person any time). It takes about 30 minutes to reach Kuta beach in Lombok from the airport and one hour to Senggigi beach. Meanwhile, the Lembar port in Lombok is approximately an hour away from both points.