10 Great Things About Our New Website

Hello, welcome to our brand new Bali Villas Holiday Vacations website. We’re delighted you’ve joined us. Here are 10 great new things we think you’ll love about our website!

It’s got prices in your currency

With our old website, one of the most frequently asked questions was, why are all your prices in US dollars? Well, the answer to that was that, although most of our guests come from Australia, we do have a considerable number of guests from all around the world, and our old creaking site just didn’t have the ability, no matter what we fed it, to display more than one currency, so we had to display prices in the ‘global’ currency, US dollars.

That’s all changed now, and the site should be displaying the villa rental prices in the currency of the country you are viewing the site from. Neat eh? (If it’s not, there’s a currency selector at the top of the page, and perhaps you could let us know 😀)

We’ve added great new search abilities

This, along with the next feature, is one of our favourite two new features about the new website. You can now search for Bali villas with any or all of the following: villas that provide breakfasts, villas that have a butler, villas that have a chef, villas that are beachfront, and villas that come with a car and driver!

It’s great being able to specify which area you would like to stay in, the price range, and how many bedrooms you’d like, but nowadays we all demand that little bit more from our villa experience and these new search parameters will really help you find your dream Bali villa.

You can now search on anything or everything

That’s right, no more of those old fashioned and annoying ‘this field is required’ notices when filling in a search form. Now you can enter as little or as much search information as you like, and we’ll do our best to find you villas that exactly match the criteria you’ve entered. Together with the ability to search for villas with butlers or breakfasts and such like, this gives you tremendous power to find a villa that exactly suits your needs.

It’s so much quicker

In today’s world speed is everything. No one wants to be hanging around while their browser whirls away in the background trying to download a webpage. To be frank, we just don’t have either the time or the patience. We also had to consider that nowadays most people browse the web on their phone or tablet, and a lot of us have data charges and may not be able to access the quickest networks whilst on the move.

We tried every possible way to speed up the old site, but we eventually came to the conclusion that the old girl just wasn’t up to it. After much head scratching, the team at Bali Villas Holiday Vacation Rentals decided only the best would do, and decided to have an ultra high-tech custom system built from the ground up to be as fast as possible, whilst still giving you beautiful images and all that great search functionality.

It’s so much easier to enquire about a villa

We’ll be honest, the enquiry forms on the old site were rubbish and the enquiry process was poorly thought out. You actually had to fill out two forms, with a number of the fields on the second form information which you had already entered on the first form. As we said, terrible. So, we’ve streamlined all that. Just fill out one simple form and we’ll get straight back to you to help you arrange you perfect Bali villa holiday. Oh, and the enquiry form now works on a handphone, which leads us nicely on to our next great thing…

It works beautifully on a handphone

View our new website on a handphone and it feels just like an app, an app that was designed especially for *your* phone. Load up our homepage, and the first thing you see is the first thing you need to see, an easy to use search form for finding your perfect villa. You can still scroll down and see our latest special offers, the latest villas added to our portfolio (we’re always expanding our portfolio), or look for some inspiration.

Villa pages are beautiful now. Designed specifically for a handphone, to use Apple’s phrase, ‘it just works’ and displays all the information you need in a clear and concise way that works perfectly on your phone.

We’ve added real customer reviews

As a business we’re very aware that your opinion of of villas and the service we provide is far, far more important than ours. That’s why we’ve added real customer reviews to each of our villa’s listings. We feel that this gives you a far greater feel for the villa and what to expect, than just some marketing speak. Of course, because we’re always adding new luxury villas to our portfolio, some villas won’t have reviews yet, but if they do, you’ll see them on the villa page. The page will also show you the number of reviews, and the average rating for that villa. We love this!

We now tell you what we love about each of our villas

We’ve given you customer reviews, and alongside those we now tell you why we love the villa. With many years experience in the property rental industry, and being Bali’s number one villa rental company, we think we have a pretty good idea when it comes to Bali villas, so we’re replaced the reams and reams of old guff and replaced it with concise bullet points telling you why we think you’ll love the villa. Let us know what you think!

The images now look great!

Nowadays pictures a king, or to use the oft used phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words. Our villa pages now contain, big bright images that fill the whole page, both on big screens and on handphones, giving you a perfect idea of what your villa will look like. We now display every image we have for that villa on its respective page, so you can go directly to the image you’d like to view. Of course, if you’d like to view all the images, the new image carousel works beautifully on any device.